Off to Uberlingen!

Errin, Grace, and I had been on the road exploring Germany for a full week stopping at various villages and towns for only one day and spending the night before traveling a bit further on the train.  We had covered a lot of territory and seen some fascinating sights.

map from Karlsruhe to SingenWe left Karlsruhe by train and traveled to the border town of Strasbourg, France.

To begin the next leg of our adventures with a new mode of transportation, we rented a car near the train station in Strasbourg. We then drove through the countryside to the lovely little town of Singen about 80 miles south and east near the border of Switzerland and a vast lake called Obersee Bodensee. We spent the night at the delightful ‘Art & Style’ Hostel, as mentioned in my previous post.

The following morning we left that cute little ‘artsy-fartsy’ hostel and only had to drive about 25 miles to our next destination – Uberlingen – on the shores of a large and lovely lake. Luckily, it also didn’t take us very long to get there, so we had the whole day ahead of us to investigate its charming sights.

Singen to Uberlingen map

The hostel was huge and had all kinds of amenities. Unbeknownst to us until we arrived, there were also hundreds of 10-13 year old boys and girls staying there as well for a couple of days. They were attending the final bash of the season before school started without their parents – Summer Camp! They were having loads of fun, but it was also rather hectic and a bit loud!

IMG_9935After checking out our room and it’s view and rather than be subjected to those high levels of energy bouncing about the halls, we decided to go down to the village nearby instead, leaving the hostel to the kids for the time being!


IMG_9948The town’s square was delightful. Armed with a delicious ice cream cone, we located the Tourist Information office and inquired about the town and the features we should seek out. The first place they directed us to was the city park and gardens just down the lane.IMG_9950

Similar to the village of Bacharach, which we had visited a few days earlier, Uberlingen had also been a fortified medieval village complete with surrounding walls, towers and it was situated at the water’s edge. It even had a deep mote on its perimeter!


The city park was a delight and full of all sorts of pathways, flowers, and features. One of the first curious things we spotted near the entrance were these intricately carved tree trunks.


We continued wandering along the pathways discovering all manner of colorful flora.

The paths wound through the floral landscapes leading us to a couple of the massive towers along the towns’ perimeter walls and eventually to what used to be the mote between the sandstone facades of rock. 


Next, we climbed the stairs to the top of the bluff and enjoyed the views below from the wooden gazebo at the top, gaining a sneak peek at additional sections of the garden still to explore. 

While we were still up on the bluff, we noticed a very cute little ‘Hansel and Gretel’ house nestled back in the woods a bit!

Back down in the garden below once again, we wandered past the various floral beds.

and marveled at their cactus gardens too!

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They included lovely ornamental fountains and even had banana trees with fruit on them!

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IMG_9976Near the western boundary of the garden park, another inviting area opened up with water pools, lily pads, a large rose garden, and comfortable and appealing seating places to rest, relax and contemplate life.


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Next, we decided to work our way through the village to the lakefront to check out what it had to offer.


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IMG_0021Everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves along the water’s edge and out in the water. Ferries were running, and sailboats were sliding quietly on the surface while tons of people were enjoying meals and libations in the sidewalk cafes set up under canopies and umbrellas. It was a happening place!

Families were enjoying a game of miniature golf, and there seemed to be a lively game of Bocci ball too! A little something for everyone!

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Even the butterflies were fluttering about, and the bees were happily buzzing in the sunshine and blossoms!

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To finish off, we headed toward the “historic” part of town where the church and the Town Hall were.


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We came upon the Rathaus (Town Hall) with its beautifully decorative hinged wooden door…

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…and the Archive Building as well.

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We had experienced and seen so many beautiful sights in this town, and we could tell it is a top-rated destination for locals and tourists alike.

It had a certain charm of warmth and welcome to it with no shortage of activities to partake in.

IMG_0037It had been a long afternoon, and well-spent exploring, however, we were getting hungry, so we headed back to the hostel at the end of the day for our dinner.  They offered a nourishing and healthy meal. The Summer Camp kids were still having a marvelous time with all of their many activities. We enjoyed a relaxing sunset from our dorm room at the end of a very full day of enjoying beautiful sights and learning more about German history and traditions.

IMG_0038The next blog post will be all about our second week in Germany when we spent an entire week in Bavaria at a resort in Oberstaufen! Oh, what fun we had! Lots of adventures still to come! Stay tuned!



Author: Claudia Frew

Adventuresome, independent, and fun-loving 68-year young American great-grandmother who loves to travel; often going solo!

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